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Post Dragon*Con

Not much to say, really. Dragon*Con was great, I hope we'll be able to go again next year. However, next time we're flying in, absolutely no driving. I'm had enough in the way of road trips to last me for years. Thanks, but no thanks. And I would really like a room in one of the major hotels..that's really the deciding factor. I just can't see going to such a huge event so far away while staying in a hotel on the other side of town.

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Teaching demons & devils to fly since '06

Back in '06, I designed sixteen pairs of wings for a wedding. While most of the wings were a fairy style, six of them were dragon. Most people know that the construction involved with fairy and angel wings differ, but not many know that the same can be said for bat. Latex use aside, the structure, alone, is vastly different. I spend weeks scouring the net looking for anyone who successfully made a set of demon-like wings with a realistic look to no avail. After a handful of experiments with both positive and negative results, I managed to stumble into a technique that worked. It was in that rare moment of artistic satisfaction that I decided to open shop and make my wings available to the public. Over the years, I've slowly polished the technique but I would hardly called it perfected. Currently, I only make wings for dolls but I'm hoping to expand back to the world I started from and sell human size wings. One step at a time.


Costume work

Officially, my costuming carrier started in 2001, unofficially, it started in the mid 90's. Back in those days anime based costumes were hard to find and decent quality work was practically impossible. If one wasn't well connect or didn't have money to blow, they were left with taking on the full project themselves. Many started by purchasing more readily found pieces or items that could be easily altered, leaving few parts that need to be made from scratch. With each completely costume the bar slowly began to rise, as confidence increased so did the desire for a greater challenge.

Many of my earlier work involved patterns designed by trial and error and make-shift draping techniques. The sewing machine was rarely, if ever, used, leaving hand sewing as the only option. Blood was spilled, tears shed, fabric thrown across the room yet, the determination never wavered and lessons were learned. Little has changed since then. The sewing machine is in use but I still fine myself using the hand needle from time to time. The projects are less aggravating but the drive for a bigger challenge still remains.

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